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Investment Home Buyers

Build your residential property investment portfolio with the experts

Lending criteria change on a daily basis. At Public Home Loan, we know where to take your deal and how to secure the best available terms. We’ll help you play the lending market so that you maximise your access to property investor funding and avoid relying on a single lender.


Get more than finance

Property investing is at the heart of our business. We thrive on securing funding for fast-moving property investors and offering additional advice on portfolio management.

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Access the best funding

Keeping you pre-approved with finances ready to go is essential for property investing. We’ll make sure you’re always prepared for the next deal.

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Position yourself for growth

Looking to the future, we can offer advice on how the funding for each property purchase might affect your portfolio in the longer-term. We can also work with your accountant or lawyer to review your portfolio strategy.

Public Home Loan will help you protect your assets, optimise your portfolio and maximise your borrowing capacity.

Ask your Home Loan Broker if in doubt. Most Home Loan Broker have seen many people just like you and are used to dealing with the excitement and stress that often comes when buying your investment property.

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