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Foreign Buyers

Foreign Buyers

Non-Australian Citizens and Non-Permanent Residents

Public Home Loan Brisbane can help to make your overseas purchase a hassle-free process.

Before you apply loan in Brisbane from any bank, you will first need to obtain permission to buy Australian property from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) - details can be found on the Australian Treasury website. It's a simple process that usually takes under few weeks. Feel free to contact Brisbane Public Home Loan Broker if you need a hand.

Please note, as a Non-Australian Resident, you can only buy an investment property in your name - not in the name of your company.

To help make your application flow smoothly, please:

Provide the following (translated into English):

  • A copy of your Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) concession
  • Evidence of your 25% or more of deposit
  • Two electronic pay slips from your employer or a letter from your employer on their letterhead confirming your income
  • Bank statements for at least three consecutive months
  • Check with us that your country of residence is listed as an acceptable domicile
  • Or, if you're self-employed, have your accountant complete an Account Declaration form confirming your income. In addition, you will need to provide business financial reports for at least two years
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